Acupuncture for Cold and Flu

Have You Considered Acupuncture for Cold and Flu?

There are over one billion cases of common cold and flu every year in the United States alone¹. Despite all of our modern scientific and technological advances, the treatment options remain mostly limited to rest, proper hydration, and nutrition. Over-the-counter medicines can help mask symptoms temporarily, but are far from curative. In fact, they can make your cold or flu persist for even longer. Because you feel better momentarily, you don’t give your body the rest it so desperately requires. If you are tired of treatments that don’t work, consider acupuncture for cold and flu.

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu

Modern science has traced the origins of the common cold to a viral infection. Chinese Medicine, however, views cold and flu as an invasion of a natural environmental factor such as wind, cold, heat, or damp. Personally, I see colds and flu as a natural cleansing process and communication from the body that imbalance is present, and rest and inward attention is required. Fortunately, treatment with Chinese Medicine for common colds can rebalance your system, hasten the end of a cold or flu, and bring the body back to normal, making you feel better faster.

Using Acupuncture for Cold and Flu

Acupuncture for cold, in particular, has lately garnered a lot of attention; it was even featured on Dr. Oz. Acupuncture treatment for the common cold can boost the immune system, and help people feel better quickly. Not only does acupuncture boost the immune system, but it also helps the body rest and sleep, which can often be elusive during a cold or flu. With one or two acupuncture treatments, in conjunction with a customized herbal formula to help expel the invasive pathogen and strengthen the body’s energy, patients typically recover from a cold or flu much faster. For those that have weaker immune systems and suffer from frequent colds and flus, extended treatment can be helpful to break this cycle and get the immune system back to normal. In these cases, it is also important to examine diet and lifestyle patterns to make sure the body is getting proper rest and nourishment.

What People Are Saying About San Francisco Acupuncturist Tim Asher

“Acupuncture for a cold? Really? Well, as soon as Tim welcomed me into the clean and serene suite with a cup of tea and a smile, I knew I was in just the right place. Tim is a caring practitioner and a wise healer. He took the time to carefully assess the symptoms of my cold in the context of my imperfect nutritional habits and work stress. Tim is not judgmental when he offers healthy tips while he works. His treatments restore energy and vitality. I walked out feeling simultaneously revived and relaxed. And my cold receded quickly thereafter! I’ll surely be going back for another treatment soon – this time, to continue along the path of wellness!”

— DeForest R., San Francisco