Get Good Sleep: Mindfold

Get Good Sleep: Mindfold from Tim Asher on Vimeo.

So we are continuing the conversation around creating a dark sleep environment. After I have done my best to block light coming from outside with curtains, and turned off all lights inside, sometimes I also use an eye mask called a Mindfold, which allows you to have your eyes open and have it be completely dark. When fitted properly, it creates total darkness and you can’t see any light even with your eyes open. These are great for when I want to take a nap int he afternoon, or perhaps when I want to get a couple more hours sleep in the morning after the sun has already come up. They are also really good for meditation to block out any visual distractions. I hope you will give it a try sometime and I thank you for watching!

The Mindfold Eye Mask allows for total darkness with your eyes open. Great for sleeping on planes!

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