Get Good Sleep: Sleep in a Dark Room

Lately I have been talking about the importance of getting good sleep. It is so important for our health. So in this third installment on sleep, I want to stress the importance of sleeping in a dark environment. The darker the better! Whether from street lights outside or from TV’s, computers, or phones inside, any light can affect the quality of our sleep. So I like to use heavy thick curtains on the windows to block any light coming from outside, and turn off all light-emitting devices inside. And for those pesky little LED’s that seem to be everywhere in the modern home, I like to cover them with black vinyl electrical tape. You can buy this at any hardware store for a dollar or two, and it’s super easy to do. I hope you’ll give sleeping in a darker room a try, and I thank you for watching!

Sleeping in a dark room allows our body to go through the proper cycles of sleep, allowing for maximum melatonin secretion in the brain which has a powerful healing and body regulatory effect.

If you are having difficulty getting good sleep and need some help, please give me a call and let’s talk about it!

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