The Importance of Sleeping: Are You Compromising Your Health?

It is estimated that over 40% of the population suffers from sleep issues and a lot of these go ignored. Humans spend an average of 33% of their lives sleeping. This means the importance of sleeping should not be taken lightly. Take extra measures to make sure you spend these daily hours asleep in an efficient and healthy manner.

Acupuncture for Insomnia

Getting to bed by 10pm makes a HUGE difference in my mood and energy. Try it!

Ignoring any sleep issues you have or not getting good quality sleep consistently can take a huge toll on your health. Since sleep disorders often exacerbate the symptoms of many illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and other serious health problems later in life, here are some tips to help you get started on getting better sleep. It is time to start your journey on the importance of sleeping right and to stop compromising your health. Getting good, restorative sleep on a consistent basis is one of the most important things a person can do for their health.

Importance of Sleeping in a Dark Environment

Your body is built to sleep at night, in a dark environment. Sometimes sleeping during night hours is not an option for you so you have to make due with sleeping in the middle of the day. It is important to find a dark room with no windows or with blackout curtains to get a comfortable sleep session. Even if you are able to sleep during night hours, weak sources of light such as your alarm clock display, charging devices, or even the moonlight can disrupt your sleep.

If you have a job or schedule that requires working late at night, long term this can be hard on your body. Night shift work is now on the World Health Organization’s list of known carcinogens. Keeping a schedule that is more in sync with the day will be much better for your health over the long term.

The importance of sleeping in darkness can not be stressed enough. Your body is meant to work and stay awake when any light is present. Light stimulates our brain to be awake. Sleeping in a room with many sources of light can ruin your natural circadian rhythmicity. Try to block out any sources of light, including computer screens and phones. Cover devices with a dark piece of clothing or a piece of black electrical tape, block out the moonlight with your curtains or face away from the direction of light while you are resting. This tip will help you get deeper sleep and prevent you from experiencing any daytime drowsiness. I sometimes use a face mask to block out all light.

Sleeping in total darkness makes sleep more restful. Try one of these masks that give total darkness.

Importance of Sleeping in a Quiet Environment

Darkness alone is not enough to get a good night’s rest. A quiet environment free from disturbances, coupled together with darkness makes for a great dream team. Your body responds to audible stimuli even while you are asleep, often preventing you from entering deeper sleep. If you hear noises, your body is pre-wired to wake up or maintain a light sleep in order to stay somewhat alert.

Creating a quiet and peaceful environment will ensure deeper and efficient sleep cycles, making you feel refreshed in the mornings. Try to keep your bedroom as quiet as possible by turning off your electronic devices such as the television or radio. Your body has been trained to respond to the sound of phone calls, people, and even talk radio. Reduce the number of open-ended noise in your bedroom as your body’s automatic response is to address them immediately, preventing you from falling asleep. If you enjoy some sort of sounds while you sleep, try using white noise machines or fans. Some people have reported using classical music on the lowest volume setting as a relaxing method to enter sleep. Try using ear plugs if you live in a more noisy environment.

Black electrical tape is great for covering LED lights on TV’s, and devices in the bedroom.

Importance of Sleeping in a Safe Environment

Sleeping in a peaceful and safe environment aids you in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. Trying to fall asleep in your office or on a couch in the living room is far below ideal. Children, pets, temperature fluctuations, and people pacing around these high activity areas will disturb your sleep, ultimately throw it off balance, and potentially leading to all kinds of physical and mental health issues.

What makes for a safe place to sleep? Use a place where you can relax and feel safe. An easy start is to find a bedroom with temperature controls. Sleeping at your body’s preferred temperature will help you fall asleep faster, reducing the amount of time you spend tossing and turning with anxious thoughts. Let others in your household know not to disturb you while you are resting. It can be as simple as putting a small sign on the doorknob. Comfort is a must in a safe sleeping space. Make an effort to keep your bedsheets clean and your nightstand clear of clutter and food waste. These small steps can create a basic safe space for your body to sleep without disturbances.

Try using earplugs to sleep if you live in a more noisy place.

Natural Ways to Sleep Better: Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Some sleep problems can even be solved with something as simple as the pinpoint of a needle. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been shown to have positive and effective impacts on sleep. Acupuncture patients have reported a decrease in sleep-preventative anxiety and researchers noticed an increase in the body’s natural melatonin production. Acupuncture has shown to be a great preventative measure for insomnia and promoting deeper sleep. Patients also reported feeling more refreshed and energized in the mornings after receiving acupuncture therapy.

If needles are not your thing, there are other forms of great sleep therapy through Chinese herbal medicine coupled with diet changes. Since Traditional Chinese Medicine has in many cases shown to be a miraculous cure for some sleep disorders, it can be very beneficial to see if Traditional Chinese Medicine is a solution for your sleep problems.

The importance of sleeping soundly plays a significant role in our lives and health. Sleep should not be trivialized. Respect it by trying out these time-tested tips in creating a better sleep environment and cycle. Getting better sleep will greatly boost your health and daily lifestyle. Even trying out one or two of these tips can greatly affect the quality and how much you sleep. It is so simple and easy: darkness, noise reduction, safety, and Traditional Chinese Medicine are the keys you need to get better sleep as soon as tonight.

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