Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Acupuncture: A Natural Alternative to Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Male sexual dysfunction is a difficult subject to talk about. Yet, it’s an extremely common problem today, with some estimating that 18 million adult men are affected in the US alone¹. This number, given most men’s reluctance to talk openly about the about issue, could be even higher. Modern pharmaceutical drugs can work for many, but they aren’t without potentially harmful side effects. There are also those whose problems aren’t addressed by these medications, or who prefer holistic alternatives and natural remedies for erectile dysfunction (ED).

A Different Approach to Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Any dysfunction in the body can be viewed as valuable information coming directly from the wisdom of the body. This is the body communicating that something is out of balance and needs attention. With male sexual dysfunction, causes can range from physical to emotional in nature, and are often a complex mix of several factors.

Men often have no place where they can talk about these issues, which only complicates things further. Part of the healing is simply to provide a safe, private space where these issues can be discussed.

Male sexual dysfunction treatment

Treating Male Sexual Dysfunction with Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine offers an alternative for those looking to treat these conditions naturally. Male sexual dysfunction treatment consists of a combination of acupuncture for ED, patient-specific customized herbal remedies for ED, and some exercise, diet, and lifestyle modifications.

I also work with men to cultivate greater body awareness and help them to understand how lifestyle factors like diet, stress, sleep habits, mood, and exercise all contribute to sexual health. Regardless of the specific type of dysfunction you are suffering from, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine can help you overcome them and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling sex life. While results vary depending on the specific nature of the problem, patients using acupuncture for male sexual dysfunction treatment typically see some improvement within 2-3 months.